Goodmorning people! Assalamualaikum :-)

You guys wanna know what? Yesterday i dreaming about him. Two time bruh. Cool isn't? I just wish that i could repeat the dream again again again and again cause i feel so happy there. He hold my hand , sitting beside me, making me smile and laugh. Ah i really feel happy with you :')

But too bad, i just realize that it just a dream, not reality and i have to accept the fact. How i wish my dreams come true, can ah? Hm, but sometimes, his atitude make me confuse. Either he likes me or not. All my friends told me that his atitude towards me is really asdfghjkl different from others girls.

And me? Really happy eventho sometimes there's always has things that make me feel asdfghjkl. I really could feel that he just treated me as a friends, Accept the fact lien. Stop dreaming!