I'm not in mood :')

I. Really. Not. In. Mood :'3

Why its happen to me? I just tired bruh. Seriously i'm tired and i'm done trying to be better and i'm done hoping. Its asdfghjkl not working at all and  always end up with tears. I'm cried  first before go to sleep. Everynight and everyday. Don't you get it i'm really asdfghjkll tired? 

I'm not hoping for my past back, i just couldn't forget all my memories with him. Thats it! I just want my past happy with his ex-girlfriend and i think i just ruined they relationship. Isn't? Cruel! Kyra's unfollowed me on Twitter, i bet it because of she hates me. Hm Eventho they broke up almost  3 weeks i think, i just feel so guilty and pity kyra. She loves naim so much and i can feel it.

So i decide to let my past go. Forever and i should move on without him. Y'know, I'm strong girl. Haha Yesterday i texted kyra, i got her number from somebody that i just knew thru twitter. I can't DM her because she unfollowed me so i decided to text her. Thankgod she replied cause i thought she doesnt want to reply my text. Alhamdulillah

Hm, i think better you guys dont know our conversation. Haha hm girl to girl ~ i checked her profile and i saw this --> Tadi girl to boy now girl to girl. K

I just wonder, perhaps she doesnt like me texted her. Hm i know but what i can do? I just want 'em to be happy and they relationship still go on. I just asdfghjkl hate to see she's crying , sad and so on. Even i just know her from twitter and never met her. I believe that Kyra and Naim could be the sweetest couple ever :-)


My english a lil bit broken. Ok sorry ~ At least i try . Kbai